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BLON BL-03 Purple Edition

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

BLON BL-03 | Overall Score: 8.5/10

Pros: Great Imaging and Timbre, Unbeatable price to performance ratio, Fun and musical

Cons: Fit (shape and ear tips), Uncomfortable Cable, Bass may be too much for some

Driver setup: Single 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Driver


Quick disclaimer: This BLON BL-03 model was sent to me by KeepHiFi for a review. These are available on their website for purchase. I have previously purchased the BLON BL-03 in gunmetal and reviewed it here. These are merely my thoughts on the BLON BL-03 one year after its release.

11.11 is coming up in a month. It is the time of year where we all buy things we didn’t think we need. If there is one thing I didn’t exactly need but kinda wanted, it would be the BLON BL-03 in this new purple paint job. It is an additional colourway option and comes in at the same great price of under $30. To be honest, these aren't exactly a very creative release, but you can't blame BLON after the success of the BL-03s.

It sounds the same, feels the same and has everything that made these little buds an overnight star. Instead of the usual gunmetal or mirror-polished finishing, it now comes in a glittering royal purple colour. I must say it definitely looks much better in real life and pictures don’t do it justice.

I have already reviewed the original BLON BL-03s here and I was a big fan of these, to say the least. What I shall attempt to do today is to relook at these, 1 year on since I got my first pair. It’s hard to believe one year has flown past since these have dropped, and what may be harder to believe is how these still perform so well.

Build Quality

Build quality is sturdy and it was my daily driver for a few months and its polished surface still shines without visible scratches. The purple edition has the same quality and the coating looks well-done too.


The main issue I have with is still the shallow fit. I managed to find a solid solution for it, which was the bright orange tips that came with the Sony MH755 IEMs. Sure, the colour combination looks weird but it works. They have a stiff and long nozzle which helped me achieve a deeper and more comfortable fit. It now isolates well and sits near weightless in the ear.


Frequency Responses (Blue is the Gunmetal edition, Purple is well, the Purple edition)

As can be seen from the graph, the two are almost identical and any tiny difference is probably due to tip insertion differences in my measuring rig or slight unit variance. As far as I can tell, they sound the same to me.

Depending on where you’re coming from, the BL-03 may impact you differently. If it’s your first few ventures into the audio world, intending to upgrade from free earphones you get with your phones, the BLON BL03 would impress with its fullness and richness of its sound. It has a warm textured bass to top it off. The timbre of the BLON BL-03 makes it a really fun pair of earphones that suits mainstream tastes very well. If only these had a better and more universal fit, I would in a heartbeat, declare the BL-03s as a must-buy “welcome to the world of audio” IEM.

If you’re an “audio veteran”, then I would have to be more careful with my words here to manage expectations. No these pair won’t blow your 64audio U12ts or Campfire Andromedas out of the water. They won’t become the only IEM you ever need. But these certainly redefines the budget realm and sets the bar pretty high for future IEMs intending to compete in the sub-$50 range. It is a really well-tuned earphone for all of its asking price and is an IEM that would shake up the Chi-fi industry in terms of expectations for future releases. It is certainly a step in the right direction for Chi-fi and a sign we can expect better things to come.


I have many friends who sometimes ask me why do I care so much about my earphones and wonder if it is even “worth it” to spend on a pair of earphones when every phone comes with one bundled. Some have even asked me why don’t I do “mainstream big brands” like Marshall who should be reliable. My go-to recommendation for them has always been the BLON BL-03 in the past year. $27 is a reasonable amount for someone who wants to explore and step into the world of audio to take a risk on and so far I’ve not had anyone coming to me telling me they regret this “investment”.

If you already have the BLONs and wouldn’t mind a backup pair (and like purple), go for these, they honestly look great. If you’re a cynic and part of the “anti-hype”, fair enough, but $30(SGD) ain’t a big risk to take if you’re afraid you won’t like them. If you aren’t an audio person (yet) and are on the fence, maybe this fancy new paint job is all you need to get you on board.

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